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SANY Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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SANYSYG5502THB 62Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

1. SANY SYG5502THB 62 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length15600mmWidth2500mmHeight4000mmDead weight51580kg……

SANYSYG5502THB 58Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

2. SANY SYG5502THB 58 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length15420mmWidth2500mmHeight4000mmDead weight51380kg……

SANYSYG5418THB 56Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

3. SANY SYG5418THB 56 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length13850mmWidth2500mmHeight4000mmDead weight41760kg……

SANYSYG5418THB 52Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

4. SANY SYG5418THB 52 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length13850mmWidth2500mmHeight4000mmDead weight40850kg……

SANYSYG5418THB 50Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

5. SANY SYG5418THB 50 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length13850mmWidth2500mmHeight3990mmDead weight406500kg……

SANYSYG5361THB 48Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

6. SANY SYG5361THB 48 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length12590mmWidth2500mmHeight4000mmDead weight38280kg……

SANYSYG5310THB 46Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

7. SANY SYG5310THB 46 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length11750mmWidth2500mmHeight3970mmDead weight32800kg……

SANYSYG5310THB 43Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

8. SANY SYG5310THB 43 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length11750mmWidth2500mmHeight3970mmDead weight31490kg……

SANYSYG5310THB 40Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

9. SANY SYG5310THB 40 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Length11750mmWidth2500mmHeight3970mmDead weight31490kg……

SANYSY5650THB 72Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

10. SANY SY5650THB 72 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

●Light weight Design Technology for Complete Machine●Efficient and Large-output Pumping System – Truck-mounted Concrete Pump with the Largest Output in the World●Several Intelligent Control Technologies – Improving Overall……

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